Key Features

Step By StepThe Innovation Processes

Manual work with ppt and xls sucks, is not scalable and people canĀ“t really participate in the corporate development process.

We map all important innovation processes for your corporation in one solution. With aumentoo you can plan your technology or company scouting activities, run the selection process and manage the closing and long tail. Successful companies aspire to Innovation and Growth. aumentoo make people, process and data work together to get there.

Do more with the same people. Gain Efficiency, Speed and Transparency. Reduce your failure rate for a greater Effectiveness and embrace your People for a better buy in.

PlanYour Scouting Activities

  • Accelerator Programs
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Hackathons & Meet-Ups
  • Scouts & Partner
  • Internal Requirement Management

RunThe Selection Process

  • Market Scanning
  • Assessments
  • Market News
  • Social Media Insights
  • Profile Scoring

ManageClosing & Long Tail

  • Deal Flow
  • Due Diligence
  • Multi Valuation
  • Management Reporting
  • Projects / Management