As the Insurance Chamber's startup cooperation team, we use the aumentoo software in particular as our central startup and knowledge database, with the help of which we also map our startup cooperation process. Particularly noteworthy are the intuitive user interface and the clarity of the application.

Johannes Wagner, Head of Startup Cooperation Versicherungskammer Bayern

aumentoo' s Features

All-In-One User Centric Innovation Process

Manual work with ppt and xls is time consuming, not scalable and people can't really participate in the innovation process.
We want to bring a change to your daily working process and motivation for a significant reduction of inefficiencies and friction.
aumentoo is the all in one innovation management enterprise software solution, supporting innovation: from use case definition, AI/ML-based innovation scouting, startup-assessments, project- & community management to analytics – have everything in one cool application, easy to access!

With aumentoo you can easily plan, run and manage innovation - No need for multiple tools anymore!

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