The current situation


Problems with current approaches in corporate development

Speed, Scale and Value in Corporate Development

Digitization, changing customer needs, developments in the markets and competitors, challenges in the labor market as well as requirements of the shareholders present companies with challenges to be successful in the medium to long term. Known megatrends and the associated increasingly dynamic economic world, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, make reliable medium to long-term forecasting and planning difficult.

The cycles become shorter and the bandwidth of the options increases. On the other hand, most changes are more creeping and seem disruptive when ignored. Against this background, strategic corporate development is a matter of course and is gaining in importance. In practice, however, this is very different. The range extends from the staff department, which only works out visions, through a short-term and opportunistic approach, eg. from M & A activities to decentralized and very business-related corporate development teams, which are focused on real added value in the individual business units.

This white paper describes the challenges at the operations and process level with the state of the literature, the perspective of consulting firms and practitioners and develops potential solutions for companies to implement strategic corporate development sustainably and successfully.
About the Author
Harald Ostler, CEO aumentoo GmbH
Business Angel & Growth Enthusiast

Harald Ostler is an entrepreneur, investor and author of various publications. After positions as Director R&D and Chief Pricing Officer, he has been very active as an IT Business Angel since 2013.
His motivation and main reason for his intensive engagement as CEO at aumentoo is based on the following sentence: We believe in evolutionary change through digitized corporate development for strategic competitive advantages.
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