A Performance-Driven Innovation Platformaumentoo embraces employees, processes and data

Key Values

Define the Key Values that matters to you to find your next Diamond.

Strong Data

Strong data sources, validation processes and connected services form our backbone.

up to 90%

Performance boost compared to current standard innovation processes in corporates.*

Simple, Flexible Licensing

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AI Support

AI supported processes help to gather the right data and find the important facts for the best decisions.

Highest Security Standards

We take care of all parts of our infrastructure - we support highest security standards and your corporate governance policies.

Get Insights In Secondsmanage innovation at a new level

Manage the whole innovation processes based on facts. Get an overview of all opportunities and risks. Explore trends and use your chances to participate.

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Enable Strong Processesshare data to empower innovation

Latest data

Internal know-how is enriched with current market insights.


We scale with your portfolio - from family offices to global players.

Ready to run

The pre-configured environment is immediately prepared for your needs.

aumentoo Accelerates The Digital Transformation In Corporate Developmentdo more with less -
gather efficiency, speed and transparency

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