Innovations and Teams

Screenshot of the Portfolio Overview in aumentoo

Holistic Portfolio Overview

Our portfolio overview offers quick access to all profiles. Profiles - by that we mean not only startups, but also technologies, investors or concepts, you can add anything you need to organize your company.
The portfolio table is customizable to suit your informational needs, while the grid view shows where the portfolio is strong and where it is weak.
Screenshot of the Projects Feature in aumentoo


With aumentoo you can not only manage startup databases or the portfolio, but also projects that are linked with the profiles. You can easily add new projects, link profiles to them and assign tasks to your teammates. Monitor the whole process, track milestones and add activities that help you manage the projects.
Screenshot showing the Search Request feature in aumentoo

Search Requests

Find suitable startups for cooperation projects or as investment opportunities. A Keyword search supported by a machine learning algorithm helps you find the best matches for your requests. The search is not only limited to companies that are already in the portfolio, but it also extends to external databases such as Crunchbase. Like that, you won't miss a single match.
A bubble showing the tasks feature in aumentoo


Innovation Management is team work!
So, you can ask your teammates or external experts to support your profile management by sending them assessment or profile information update tasks. Bring their expertise on board to get better information and evaluations.

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