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Discover all our past and upcoming webinars around the topic Innovation Management & aumentoo. Find new insights and learn more about the partners we are collaborating with and the apps we have integrated in aumentoo. 

Data Driven Startup & Technology Scouting 

Find meaningful information with AI and get context based suggestions straight into your portfolio


aumentoo and use case

“Time is money. Information is Key.” 

We want you to get only the relevant information you need, this saves time and resources. That is why we are collaborating with award-winning integrating their AI supported web find engine into our aumentoo innovation management software.

Learnings from the webinar: 

💡 What is a web find engine and what are the benefits of it compared to a search engine?

💡 How does context based search work and what is the role of machine learning?

💡 Learn how to turn global knowledge into your competitive advantage


Open Innovation & The Human Factor

How to create an Open Innovation Mindset in your organization


omind platform integration

Whether innovation is going to be successful in companies depends on its people. That is why we are collaborating with OMIND platform and are integrating their digital platform to establish an open innovation mindset into our innovation management software.

Learnings from the webinar: 

💡 What is an Open Innovation Mindset and what are the benefits of it? 

💡 How can you assess the Open Innovation Mindset of employees and help them gain more knowledge?

💡 Learn how to measure the knowledge sharing & sourcing among your team, create incentives and increase motivation 


Patent Data 

How to use Patent Data to predict the success of a startup


patent analysis in aumentoo

If you want to know whether a startup will be successful, one of the best indicators is to take a closer look at the number and quality of patents they have.
That is why we are partnering with Munich-based patent data pioneer Quant IP and have integrated their services into our aumentoo platform - to provide you with a holistic analysis of the companies in your portfolio.
Learnings from the webinar:

💡 The importance of patent data

💡 What factors to look for when evaluating a patent

💡How to determine the success rate of a startup based on their patents


The Power of Trend Scouting

How to be the first to discover and analyze the latest innovations in your industry


what is a trend

Being aware of trends (and by this we don't mean the latest fashion trends) and knowing about the utilization of new technologies by other companies is vital for your business. That is why we are collaborating with TRENDONE and have integrated their Trend Explorer into our innovation management platform.

 Learnings from the webinar: 

💡 What are Trends? And how do they evolve?

💡 What are the differences between Mega-, Macro- and Micro-Trends?

💡 How can you easily scout the next big things related to the industry your company is operating in? 



Speed, Scale and Value in Corporate Development

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Innovation Wiki 

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