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Worldwide News

Discover the latest news about innovations in your industry!
With aumentoo you get access to over 80,000 trusted news sources with regional reporting from over 200 countries. Only the news and reports relevant to you and your team will reach you.

KPI Monitor

Keep track of all innovation activities and portfolio performances with the extended KPI monitor. Here you will find all the analytics to discover the most popular profiles, the best performing startup sources and the most active team members.
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Trend Scouting

With our newly implemented trend scouting feature you will find the latest megatrends of your industry. Discover the corresponding microtrends as well as the latest news and articles about them. Find out more about the next big topics and even find trend-related profiles in your portfolio or in external databases. The trends and the related news are provided by our partner Trendone.
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Review Patent Data in aumentoo

Patent Data Analysis

Analyzing patent data is an interesting way to learn more about a company's strategy. This data is sourced worldwide. Datasets are available in a structured form, making it easy to compare German patents with Japanese ones. Patents are also an indicator of future products, anticipating technologies that lead to new products. Additional in depth reports supporting your due diligence are provided by our partner Quant IP.
Discover the new Patent Data Analysis Feature
Screenshot showing how to integrate the social media channels of companies in aumentoo

Social Media Channels

Integrate the Twitter and Facebook channels of the companies in their profiles and see how popular they are. Find the latest postings of the companies directly in their aumentoo profile, where you can also interact with them.

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