Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we are going to answer the frequently asked questions our leads and customers have regarding our innovation platform aumentoo.

Startup & Innovation Management in aumentoo

1How can I share Startups with my community in aumentoo?
Most of our customers use aumentoo as their startup and knowledge database. Startups are added to aumentoo as a profile. In the profile you can add a wide range of data regarding the startup, like company data, financial data, social media channels, persons, activities, patent data, documents and more. If you wish to share an interesting startup with the whole community you can do this by promoting the regarding startup profile. Just open the newsfeed and promote the selected startup. The startup profile will then appear in the newsfeed of all users and they can interact with you by commenting or liking it.  In the case you only plan to share your thoughts about a special startup with one colleague you may forward the startup’s profile to him or her directly via chat.  Alternatively, if assessments for certain startup profiles need to be made you can send tasks to the responsibles. They will get an email and notification to assess the chosen profile.
2How can I share content in aumentoo?
Similar to the aforementioned promotion post you can share content via the newsfeed by creating posts and attaching documents to it. Posting these will mean spreading the content in your community. You can also like and comment posts of your colleagues interacting with them. Profiles can be easily shared with individual users, too, via one-to-one or group chat.
3Can I cover my Startup and Technology Scouting process in aumentoo?
Yes, there are different ways to do that. You can onboard your (external) Scouts with a specific user role so they can start adding companies directly into aumentoo. You can also organize challenges where Startups can apply directly. We also collaborate with that, after initially defining the search criteria, will send you Startup suggestions into the aumentoo platform. To learn more about our partnership, watch our recorded webinar on Youtube
4How can I run Startup applications/challenges via aumentoo?
You can either invite startups directly to join aumentoo and create their own company profile or you can run challenges where startups apply and present their ideas. In the latter case, you post a link to your online channel (e.g. on your homepage) and startups wishing to apply can directly fill out the form online. You get the information directly in aumentoo in the tab “Registrations” and you decide which startups shall be added to your portfolio.  For 2023, we are preparing a new Idea Management feature, that will make it possible to add and assess ideas of your team, too.
5Is it possible to manage different batches/startup events in aumentoo?
Sure, you can manage as many batches as you need. The on-boarding of an infinitive number of startups is possible at no extra costs.
6How can I use aumentoo to log Startup Engagements?
Similar to a CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) system, you can log any kind of startup engagements like, notes, meetings or events in the startup’s profile itself. This will help everyone that has the access rights to take a closer look at the interactions with this startup.
7Can I do Project Management within aumentoo?
We understand that you want to document projects and cooperations with startups. These projects might be the creation of certain prototypes but also new business models. You can document all the steps of your individual projects in the “Projects'' section in aumentoo. Here, you can add the new projects, search for the right collaboration partners, monitor milestones and track activities, like calls and meetings. As an admin you get an holistic overview of all the past, present and future projects of your company and you can monitor the progress.  To manage your projects successfully you also need participants with different roles. You can involve internal associates but also external ones. Of course, you have the ability to assign various user roles allowing only the respective persons to access and work on the project.

Technical Questions about the Platform aumentoo

1Is company-wide access via SSO possible?
Yes, of course, you can access aumentoo via Single-Sign-On.
2What Cloud providers does aumento work with? And do they adher to data policy standards?
We can run aumentoo on whatever cloud provider you wish. If no preferences are given from our customers side, then we are normally running aumentoo on the Google Cloud. However, our top chosen providers are Google Cloud, AWS and MS Azure. All of them are running their servers in Europe.
3Our Corporate Governance doesn't allow cloud applications - are there other possibilities?
Sure, our application is also available as on-premise installation for self-hosting in your own data center. aumentoo will run smoothly on your internal systems.
4Can we use aumentoo on mobile devices?
aumentoo is available both as web application and as mobile iOS app. Our app is available for download in the App Store and works best on mobile devices starting from iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to the latest devices. The Android app will soon be released.
5How long does it take to set up aumentoo?
How long it takes to set up aumentoo depends on your specific requirements. If aumentoo runs in the cloud, we can set it up within a few moments. Whereas the set up of the on-premise solution takes a little longer, as we need to check the local conditions in advance together with your IT department.

Customization & Support

1We would like to have a company branded solution, do you provide it?
Of course, we are happy to brand aumentoo in whatever colors, fonts and logos you wish. We can also re-name our input fields to your internal expressions - just let us know. Find more customization options on our Feature page. 
2How can I customize my experience in aumentoo according to my interests?
During our implementation phase you can choose the business area you want to get selected news from our newsagent. This will already pre-select the information you will get in aumentoo. Furthermore, you can choose keywords for your profile to get startup suggestions accordingly. This is done in the My Area section of aumentoo, where all the interesting information for you as an individual user come together. 
3How much support do we get at the beginning to properly get started with aumentoo?
At any time, one of our competent customer advisors is at your side helping you as soon as you need support. Our colleagues will set up aumentoo according to your wishes and train the administration team step by step. We also offer fixed meeting dates where we collect your feedback, introduce new features and discuss further planning with you. If any questions or concerns arise, you can get in touch with us quickly and easily using the integrated chat function. One of our team members will answer you shortly after. But don't worry, aumentoo is intuitive and handy - you and your team will be professionals in no time.

Questions about Data Protection

1Does aumentoo process data outside the EEA?
No, we do not process data outside the EEA, unless you give us your consent. Some features might require the processing of data, like our built-in service desk. We work together with Atlassian Jira to provide you with the opportunity to give us immediate feedback on the platform. If you choose to activate this feature, the requests of you and your team will be processed by Atlassian which is a company located in Australia, so outside the EEA. But don’t worry, we can deactivate this feature if you wish - this is one of aumentoo’s many advantages! It’s flexible so you can customize it regarding your needs and wishes!
2How is personal data protected?
We stick to the current GDPR rules. Please see our privacy policy page for further information. Personal data added in aumentoo will neither be forwarded to third parties nor to countries outside the EU. Data is stored on aumentoo's servers located in Germany.
3We have different stakeholders involved in our process. Some of them are not allowed to see certain information. How is sensitive content saved and managed in the application?
We do have an advanced user group system in aumentoo. Some of the user roles can also be further configured, so that every user only gets to see what he/she is supposed to see. You as an Admin, are always in charge of the user management and are able to deny or grant access to everyone who wants to use aumentoo. Additionally, you are able to limit the visibility for extra sensitive data like projects.


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