Next Cloud Update

The next Update is planned for 2021-11-08 between 14:00 - 18:00 UTC+2.

aumentoo Cloud Changelog

New Features
  • Marketplace Authentication

    New One Time Token Access Process integrated for new Marketplace Apps. With this Process a new Authentication Type is available for all new Marketplace Apps.

  • Marketplace Hosting

    For Apps hosted by aumentoo-Marketplace Applications new Deployment Options and Technology Stacks are available. A full featured NodeJS Backend and Docker Deployment Options are possible now.

  • Profile Context

    All matched Requests of a Profile are listed in the Context Section now.

  • Search

    The Profile Search is extended by Boxed-Parameters. To combine multiple Words you can now concat them by using Double-Quotes like. "Artificial Intelligence"

  • Registrations

    The Registration Page for Startups got new customization tools. You can define individual messages for every Registration Configuration.

  • Projects and Requests

    The Projects and Requests got new individual Profile Properties.

Fixed Bugs
  • OnPremise WAF Update

    In order to comply with extended corporate WAF rules, additional encryption has been integrated. With that fix large import files can uploaded securely now.

New Features
  • Optional Connection between different aumentoo customer applications

    Connect different aumentoo instances in order to exchange profiles. This feature is deactivated by default and can only be activated by aumentoo. As soon as the connection is enabled the user can search the profiles in the database of the connected instance.

  • Registration Landing Page

    We have improved the registration landing page.

New Features
  • Activity Notes - Visibility Settings

    We have now added the ability to specify who should see a Note Activity by clicking on "more". It is possible to choose between "Everyone" (public) / "Department" (only visible for user from the same department) / "Just me".

  • Quick Assessment Score

    The Quick Assessment Score is now displayed in the shortlist as well as in the longlist.

New Features
  • Display of Dashboard Widgets

    You can now personalize your dashboard by deactivating or activating the widgets by clicking on "Widget Settings" on the bottom left.

  • Filter Preset

    Each filter selection that has been set in the newsstream or the portfolio overview stays saved until it is changed again.

  • Startup Profile Import

    It is now easier and quicker to import startup profiles from excel sheets.

New Features
  • User Role Change

    The "Scout" user role can be granted access to the short-/ longlist within the request, to add company profiles.

  • Profile Documents - Images

    Images can now be added to the Profile Documents section in addition to the Gallery.

  • Minor Fixes

    Some minor Bugfixes, not worth a mention.

New Features
  • KPI Monitor - Traffic detection

    Track the traffic of departments on Profiles, Requests and Projects in the KPI Monitor. For each of the three mentioned areas the Unique Users, Total Impressions and Net Reach are displayed. In addition, Admins and Moderators get a new KPI traffic detention widget on the company's profile page itself, visualizing the popularity of the profile.

  • Advanced User Roles

    We've expanded the custom user role options to fit more use cases.

  • Extended Invitation Content

    You are now able to add Keywords and a Source to registration invites making it possible to filter them within aumentoo.

New Features
  • Quick-Assessments

    The Quick-Assessments got an Extension so that you can add an individual Message for the receivers of your Task.

  • Reports

    Reports were polished and shine now with a cleaner Landingpage and more Details in the Newsstream.

Fixed Bugs
  • Responsible Profile Count

    The Profile Count on the Dashboard showed the wrong count if you have deleted or archived Profiles. Now the numbers show only the actual active Profile Count

  • Minor Fixes

    Some minor Bugfixes, not worth a mention.

New Features
  • In-Profile Analytics

    Get faster and easier access to Insights to Profile Analytics right in the Profiles (for Administrators and Moderators only).

  • KPI Net-Reach

    The new Widget Net-Reach in the KPI Monitor allows Administrators and Moderators to get more Details about the usage of the Platform.

Fixed Bugs
  • Report Suggestions

    The Report did not open if you clicked one of the suggested Reports in your User-Profile. Now every Suggestion can be accessed.

  • Minor Fixes

    Some minor Bugfixes, not worth a mention.

New Features
  • Extended User Profile

    Extended the user profile widget and page with event suggestions.

  • Quick-Assessments

    During the Request Process you are now able to send Quick-Assessment Tasks to a bunch of users to review and assess your Longlist Profiles so that you can make better decisions.

Fixed Bugs
  • Gallery Renaming

    Image Renaming failed in a few cases with a special attribute combination. Now the renaming works in every combination again.

  • Project Activity History

    The Project Activity History did not load in some cases. Now the History is completely available again.

New Features
  • Extended Request & Project Fields

    Ability to add more fields and select what fields should be mandatory in the Request and Project forms.

  • Request Form

    The profile's assessment score is now displayed in the portfolio tab of the request form.

  • Project Score

    The assessment score of profiles and the priority score of linked requests is displayed in the request overview after linking them to the project.

  • Keywords & Classifications

    To both requests and projects keywords and classification can be added now.

New Features
  • URLs in Activities

    Website links will now be displayed as hyperlinks in activities.

  • Keywords

    Ability to add keywords to note activities and documents.

  • Documents in Note Activities

    Ability to either upload a document to a note or to reference a document already uploaded in the document section.

  • Request Extension

    The keywords in a search request are now also searched in a company description to create matches.

New Features
  • Projects

    We can now easily rename fields in the project and have added three columns to the project portfolio overview.

  • 2 Factor Authentication

    You can now use 2 Factor Authentication via E-Mail Tokens.

  • Monthly Report Mail

    Once a month a report mail can be sent to all users with a summary for recent changes and activities.

  • Invite Users to Chat

    Users can invite others users to a profile specific chat.

New Features
  • User Profile Widget

    The widget has been extended.

  • Comments

    Comments can now be added to news-stream posts.

New Features
  • Public Report Landingpage

    If you share Reports within your Team, you are now able to share this Reports to external Users as well.

  • New Profile Head Rule

    To give you an even more detailed Roles and Rights Management you now can grant write access especially to the Profile Header Section.

Fixed Bugs
  • Minor Fixes

    Some minor Bugfixes, not worth a mention.

New Features
  • Public Profile Channels

    Now you are able to set-up a public chat channel for every Profile you have access to. The Profile Channels are general public within your companies account - what means that every of your colleagues can access and discuss with you.

  • Promotions

    If you want to promote a new Patch-Batch or want to promote some special Profiles for your colleagues, Administrators and Moderators are now able to create a "Promotion"-Message into everyones Newsstream with direct access to the promoted Profiles.

  • Profile Header Update

    To have a more intuitive and direct access to the Startups Pitchdeck and Channel you now can access it just by a button in the Profile Header.

Fixed Bugs
  • Edit Profile

    If you updated a Profile the Properties "Revenue" and "EBIT" always showed as mandatory - even if they wasn't. Now it's only marked as mandatory if it's mandatory.

New Features
  • User to User Chat

    The Message Center is extended by a basic User to User Chat. Now every User can interact with other Users and share Information.

  • User Self Registration

    To reduce the amount of overhead to invite new Users our Administrators are now able to open a Self-Registration for new Users. This Self-Registration can be restricted for specified Corporate Domains and User-Roles.

  • Contact Action Tracking

    Administrators are now able to track clicks and actions on the Contact-Informations in Profiles. This Feature is grouped by Departments just for statistic evaluation so that no personal usage can be identified.

Fixed Bugs
  • User Dialog (Chrome 86 Issue)

    The Google Chrome Browser in Version 86 has a Bug that caused a Tab-Crash if you Re-Opened a User-Dialog twice. We fixed it with a workaround for Chrome 86.

New Features
  • Individual Opt-In Privacy Policy

    Added an option to set up corporate related Privacy Policies with an Opt-In History of Users accepted the different Policy Versions.

  • Share Projects

    Share Projects with your colleagues and discuss the progress in the Message Center (Chat).

  • aumentoo Chat Support

    The aumentoo Support Team is now direct available via your Message Center. Just leave a message and our Team will reply you as soon as possible.

Fixed Bugs
  • Activity Error Messages

    Under certain circumstances an error displayed while saving Activities for Projects or Profiles even the Activities saved successfully.

  • Invalid Portfolio Grid Message

    Sometimes if you opened your Portfolio List a message appeared that the "Grid is invalid". Now this message only comes up if a real situation happens - so it's no longer bothering you.

New Features
  • Extended Search and Request Parameters

    Added Parameters in the Portfolio & Crunchbase Search like Location, Keywords, Funding, Team size and more.

  • Project Milestones Status

    Milestones have a progress status now, each status is marked via a different color.

  • Introduced GraphQL

    The first GraphQL API Schema is up and running. This is a major step forward to the switch to the new GraphQL Interface for a more flexible and reliable API.

Fixed Bugs
  • Newsstream Performance

    Changed the Newsstream pre-configuration for a better performance to keep you up to date.

New Features
  • DCF Method (Valuation)

    The Startup Valuation got another Method for a better Valuation experience.

  • Multiple Profile Responsibles

    A Profile has multiple Profile Responsibles in your corporate? Now you can add everyone of them in aumentoo.

New Features
  • Startup Valuation

    With that new Feature you are able to calculate the Valuation of a Startup with your parameters and in different Dimensions.

Fixed Bugs

    The KPI API was not applying the Filter configuration. Now it's applying the Filter as it should.

  • Forms Message

    A Debug-Message showed up in some cases if you edit your forms. Now the Debug-Message stopped annoying you.

New Features
  • Advanced User Privacy

    Now you are able to enable or disable the User Contact Information to cover your corporate governance restrictions.

  • Custom Portfolio List

    The Portfolio List got an upgrade so you can select the columns that are most interesting for you.

Fixed Bugs
  • Social Media Restriction

    The Social Media Streams were not displayed due to too restrictive security policies. Now you are able to read the Tweets and Posts again.

New Features
  • P&L and Balance Sheet

    The Financials Section improved by a dynamic P&L and Balance Sheet overview so you can keep track of all financials of a profile.

  • Assessment Score in Portfolio Grid

    The Portfolio Grid got a new Dimension "Assessment Score" to show more detailed insights of you Portfolio.

Fixed Bugs
  • Portfolio Grid De-Selection

    The Portfolio Grid didn't remove the list-filter by deselecting a selected cell in the grid. Now the filter resets as you would expect it.

  • Minor Dashboard Layout and API Bugs

    Some small Updates were implemented just to keep your smooth experience!

New Features
  • Invitation Overview

    To keep track of all invites that are sent by you or your team members, we created an overview to quick access all invites - and with the possibility to resend an invite!

  • More Mandatory Properties

    The list of properties were extended by some more like "Homepage" or "Input".

Fixed Bugs
  • Portfolio Grid De-Selection

    The Portfolio Grid didn't remove the list-filter by deselecting a selected cell in the grid. Now the filter resets as you would expect it.

  • Minor Layout and API bugs

    Some small Updates were implemented just to keep your smooth experience!

New Features
  • Social Media Integration

    Now it is possible to enable Facebook and Twitter Streams inside of a Profile. Just enter the Links to the Profiles and that's it.

  • Performance Update

    Some optimizations have been implemented to gain a better user experience. Everything is now faster and more fluent than before. As well we added an initial loading indicator so that you get instant response if you start the interface.

Fixed Bugs
  • There was nothing to fix in this Release. Everything runs smoothly!

New Features
  • Extended Filter for KPI Monitor

    The KPI Monitor got an updated Filter with much more possibilities to dive into your data pool. With that new Filter you can create detailed reports and analysis.

  • User Suggestions

    The User Profile got a new Section "Keywords". With that Section the User can set up his interests and gets suggestions for exiting Profiles as well as Users with similar interests so that they can exchange via the Message Center.

  • Registration Update

    From now on every User has to enter his Name and E-Mail before he is able to send a new registration. With that information it's possible to send them E-Mails about the Status of their applications, for example if it's rejected.

Fixed Bugs
  • Some Minor Bugfixes

    Some small sneaky Bugs caused some trouble with one of our API Endpoint. We caught them safely and released them in the nature where they belong.

New Features
  • Technology Profile Type

    The Profile Type "Technology" got a major update. New Technology-related Properties and Assessment Possibilities.

  • Message Center

    A first look into the new Message Center is possible now. You can send Text Messages to other Users in the first place. Later on we will update and extend this Message Center with multiple new features.

  • New Tabs for Portfolio and Activities

    If you have the Profile Type Technology enabled, your Portfolio now shows different Tabs for the Company Profiles and Technology Profiles.
    In the Activities Section there are also two Tabs now for Profile and Project Activities.

  • Minor Updates

    Some additional minor Updates are implemented. For example we built in an access Cache System to boot the Performance of Activities.

Fixed Bugs
  • Missing Newsstream Entries

    In some rare cases some Activities were not listed in the Newsstream. This unwanted behavior is now fixed and all Activities now appear where they should appear.

New Features
  • Assessment History

    The Columns of the History Time Chart are now clickable. You can view the details of each Assessment with this feature.

  • Score Calculation

    A new algorithm is implemented to calculate the Scoring of each Profile. With this Version the Score is now calculated by the average value of the Assessments of the last 12 months.

  • Assessment Slider Update

    When you start executing a new Assessment the Sliders are now reset to zero. With this a more neutral Assessment can be done without being influenced by the previous Scoring.

  • Minor Updates

    Some additional minor Updates are implemented. For example if a Assessment Dimension isn't scored the value of the Dimension is now "Unrated".

Fixed Bugs
  • Timestamps of News-Stream Entries

    Some of the New-Stream entries shoed the wrong time. This issue is now fixed and the timestamps are correct for all of the entires.

  • Custom Project Access

    The Project Access restriction for custom users was too restrictive. Now it's possible to select users for granting access again.

  • Minor Text Fixes

    Small Text Fixes in Tooltips and Labels.

New Features
  • New User Profile

    In this release we have introduced a new profile type - the User Profile.
    By clicking on the image of a fellow user the user’s profile page opens. In this profile, you will now see the contact details of the regarding user, the profiles he/she is in charge of and all the activities you are granted to see. This new profile type will increase the transparency and ease getting in touch with the right persons.

  • New Profile Acceptance Process

    We also have developed a new profile acceptance process. This means our customers can now decide if certain user roles that are allowed to add profiles to the portfolio need to go through an acceptance process prior to add or import new profiles to the portfolio. The mentioned user groups can still create new profiles as before with the difference that admins will check the newly created profiles and either accept or reject them before they are displayed publicly in the company’s Portfolio Overview.

  • Allow User’s Email Address for Different Companies

    We understand that it should be possible to add a user to a company’s aumentoo application even if the email address of the user was already listed in aumentoo. This is especially the case for users that are involved in an external Hub using aumentoo as a tool to connect startups to corporates and also involved in the company itself using aumentoo for managing projects and cooperation partners. So, we decided to develop a feature which makes it possible for the same user to login to two different aumentoo interfaces - one of the Hub and one of his company - without problems. Users with more than one account at aumentoo can now choose on the login screen which company interface they want to login.

  • Display of Disabled Profile Fields

    In aumentoo there are a number of profile fields that can be added optionally to the profile. In order to make it easier for the administrator to configure the tool in the settings, these disabled optional fields are now better highlighted as disabled in the application.

Fixed Bugs
  • Display Issues

    On smaller screens it was not possible to close the menu bar once opened. The overall desktop application is not meant to be responsive as we also offer a mobile application for iOS devices to assure the best user experience. Nevertheless, we decided that it is best to add a closing button for the menu bar if users work on a reduced screen size in order to close the menu bar.

  • Navigate Back from Competitor’s Profile

    While opening a few profiles after one another, it is possible to navigate back to the previous ones. This was not possible when opening competitors’ profiles in the context tab of a profile. Now you can also navigate back to the first profile when a competitor’s profile is open.

  • Disable Scouts as Project Responsibles

    It was possible to select Scouts as responsibles for projects. As they are not allowed to see the projects feature even if they are selected as responsible or if they were granted the visibility access rights it did not make much sense to allow their assignment as responsible. So, we have now disabled Scout users to be selected as project responsibles.

New Features
  • Status Sorting Order

    We have now implemented a sorting order function for the status. Admins are able to set the order of the various displayed status in the settings section of aumentoo. The given order will then be set for the grid view in the profile overview page as well as in the assessment graphs of the profiles’ page and of course in the dropdown status field in the profiles.

  • Add Competitors via Crunchbase

    Only competitors could be added to a profile that were already in the aumentoo portfolio. But now - in order to ease your work - we have introduced the possibility to add competitors directly from the Crunchbase database if the regarding company is not yet in the portfolio.

  • Company's Headquarter Displayed in Google Maps

    To make your user experience even better and to bring some variety into the profiles, we have added Google Maps to the profile's overview page. Now you can see in Google Maps where the company’s headquarter is located, if an address or at least a city is given.

  • Detailed Custom User Roles

    We have modified our custom user roles feature, so that it is now possible to assign even more detailed user rights.

Fixed Bugs
  • False Notification When Users Are Simultaneously Editing Documents

    It turned out that when a user wanted to change documents or images in the profiles, while another user changed the same documents/images at the same time, the user got an error notification saying that the file does not exist. This incorrect error message was renamed in a more user friendly hint, and is now saying that the document/image is probably being edited by another user, asking the user to refresh the page in order to make his changes to the document/file.

  • Reactivation of Archived Profiles

    It is possible to reactivate archived profiles. To do so, you must go to the profile and click on the ellipsis button in the right corner of the profile and select reactivate. This button was also displayed for users with no editing rights on the profile. Although, they were not really able to reactivate the profile as a hint was displayed saying that they are not allowed to take this action, we have completely removed the button for the users that are not allowed to edit profiles to avoid confusion and a bad user experience.

  • Display Issues

    The tables in the task page were not fully responsive, which lead to not so nice overviews when opened on the phone or on smaller screens. This issue is now fixed - you can work on the tasks also on smaller screens having the same UI experience as on desktop screens.
    Also the Firefox browser led to a display issue - which could successfully be removed. The browser highlighted the Notes activities’ boxes in red colour, although there was no mistake made by the users.

New Features
  • New Profile Tab: Projects

    We have recreated the Project section in the profiles. Adding a new project is now similar to adding a new request plus the project creators are able to select its visibility. This means the creator can decide which user may see their projects and who is not allowed to. Additonally, new information fields were added to the form in order to describe better the scope and available resources for the projects. Multiple responsibles as well as participants may be assigned to a project, too. And the best part is, that it is now possible to link one project to multiple startups and a startup - or profile - can be linked to multiple projects. The projects will then be automatically displayed in the linked profiles. Like this, you will now have an even better overview on ongoing, planned and finished projects with your startups.

  • New Projects Overview

    What would be a newly created profile tab without an overall projects page? That’s why we have also developed a new menu page - project overview! Here you are able to see all the projects you are allowed to see and may find an overall view on ongoing, planned and already finished projects.

  • Forgot Password

    We have now a “Forgot Password?” option on the the login screen. If you forget your password you can still access aumentoo by clicking on this option, typing the email address associated with your account and then receive a verification code in order to set a new password.

  • Different Language Options in Emails

    We already have implemented the possibility to customize the email templates as well as the regarding texts. It is now possible to set an English and a German version of all the given emails. As long as there is text given for both languages, the email receiver will get the email in the language that he has previously chosen for his aumentoo experience.

  • Share Profile

    You are able to share interesting profiles with other aumentoo users. You can select all users that are registered in aumentoo but keep in mind that users that are not allowed to see this profile will have no access to it and thus you can not select them for sharing the profile. If you share a profile with another user he/she will get a notification in aumentoo and can immediately discover the profile.

  • Internal Responsible linked to Input Values

    In order to always ensure that an internal employee and not an external consultant is set as responsible to a profile, we have now implemented the rule that every input value must be linked to an internal responsible. If an external consultant/scout now choses one of the input values the profile is automatically assigned to the internal team member linked to that value.

  • Connect Profiles with Requests

    You are now able to pin a profile that would match perfectly to a given request to the shortlist of that request.

  • Character Limitations

    We have implemented character limitations for certain profile fields. This is to ensure that the Onepager looks always great.

  • Notification about Newly Assigned Profiles

    If a user is assigned to a profile, he/she will get a notification about this change.

Fixed Bugs
  • Activity Participants could not be modified

    It turned out that existing profile activities could be modified but the modification was not saved in the backend. This appeared to occur both from the web interface and from the app. This problem was fixed.

  • Empty Notifications

    User that were not allowed to see certain profile sections got a notification when changes occured in this section, but the notification only said that something in the profile was changed and not what exactly was changed. This bug is now fixed - the user only gets notifications about changes that he is supposed to see to avoid confusion and a bad user experience.

  • Firefox Improvements

    A few design display issues occured in the Firefox Web Browser, which were corrected.

New Features
  • Profile Layout Customization

    Now it is possible to customize the Profile Overview Layout. You can decide where the Information-Sections should be placed in a Profile.

  • Individual Help Texts

    An Administrator has now the power to create and edit individual Help-Texts for their users for the Profile Overview and Assessment Section.

  • Classification Limit

    Per default it is possible to choose as many Classifications in a Profile as exist. Now you are able to set a limit for a maximum amount of Classifications per Profile.

  • Multi-Language Alias-Names

    From now on Alias-Names can be set for every language available (en, de). With this feature all of the users can enjoy their preferred language much more.

  • Alias-Names for Registration

    The Registration Service got an upgrade so that it supports Alias-Names as well. With this feature for example you can use questions as Alias-Names to make it more to the point what a Startup has to enter in each field.

  • Optional Archive

    The Profile-Archive is now optional. If you don't need an Archive for "On-Hold-Profiles", you can disable the archive now and get not disturbed by it's presence.

  • Forms

    As a new module we added "Forms". With that you can create Formulars with as much Questions you want and send them to Startups or Users to fill out. As well as you are now able to define one or more Forms for the Registration Service.

  • Custom Role Extension

    The custom roles got an update so that there is a more detailed interface to define what a User should be able to access and how. It is now possible to give or remove access to each single Tab in a Profile, as well as to all of the available Modules.

Fixed Bugs
  • Wrong interpretation of a Document

    In the Newsstream, changed Documents were displayed as "Removed Images". That was a misconfiguration in the message selector of the activity. Now a changed Document will be displayed as a changed Document.

New Features
  • Activity Overview (Basic)

    New Activity Overview: A new overview page was introduced to view, filter and sort all activities.. This overview simplifies a fast access to open tasks, upcoming milestones and meetings. The Activity overview will be further extended in later updates.

  • NewsStream Post

    With this release we introduce the ability to post messages, documents or reports directly to the news stream. Therefore, it's now possible to share information/ news with other users.

    • Messages can be posted by everyone, except Visitors
    • Documents can only be posted by Administrators

  • Personal Settings (Clear Cache Button)

    To clear the browser cache is important to make changes in the platforms configuration visible. To ease the clearing of the browser cache a button within the personal settings was added to the menu. By clicking on the new button the browser cache is cleared.

  • Responsive Navigation

    A Responsive Navigation bar was implemented, which adapts itself to the browser window size. For this purpose an additional submenu is displayed as soon as menu points can’t be reached anymore.

  • Session Changed Dialog in Task Page and Interface

    While switching between the browser tabs during different activities, the user will be notified about the activity in the other tab. For example, a dialog appears as soon as the user starts editing a task and switches between the task and the application interface.

  • Clearer Chart Texts in Classification Cluster & Source Flow Chart

    The texts in the charts “Classification Cluster” and “Source Flow” were redesigned to improve the legibility and to have a consistent design.

  • Clearer Design for Newsstream Items

    The different types of news entries have been unified. Now the entries can be easily identified through a informative label.

  • Change Profile Cover Image to Gradient

    The default Profile cover Image was changed to a gradient in the pre-configured corporate color. This improves the orientation within the profile header as well as the loading time of the profile.

  • Hide Empty Fields in Profile Overview

    Empty Profile fields, won't be displayed in the viewing mode anymore.

  • Infrastructure and Framework Updates for Better Performance

    Part of this release are updates to the Infrastructure and Framework for a better and steadier Performance of the application.

Fixed Bugs
  • Newsstream Filter != Profile Activity Filter

    A set filter in the Newsstream was also applied in the activity stream of the profiles. This bug was fixed. Now, it is possible to set different filter separately in the Newsstream and activity stream of profiles.

  • Warning Notification in Task Execution

    Under certain circumstances a warning notice was displayed while the user was editing a task. This notification did not cause any problems but was not helpful either. So, now there are no more notifications without a clear message for the user while completing a task.

  • Expandable Task Description

    Task descriptions that are displayed in the news stream are now shortened and can be unfolded if the text is very long to avoid too long entries in the Newsstream.

  • Removed Chart-Framework Item Limitation

    The Chart-Frameworks failed to display the data, at customers that handled a huge amount of information. Therefore the Chart-Framework Item Limitation was removed to prevent issues with the charts in the platform.

  • Language Change

    In previous versions the translations were not fully adopted in the whole application when the language was changed. Through this update this bug was fixed and all the translations are now displayed correctly when the language settings are changed.

  • Minor Bugfixes

    Some minor bug fixes were made in addition to the mentioned bug fixes and features. These include adjustments to the design and text, which generally did not cause any functional bugs.

This Version is unreleased and just a preparation for the major Infrastructure Update.
New Features
  • Profile-Completeness Milestone editable in Settings
  • Profile Extensions for more Informations to store
  • "My active Requests"-Dashboard Widget
  • Phone-Property for Profile-People
Fixed Bugs
  • E-Mail Text-Template formatting fixed
  • Reload Avatar-Image right after Change
New Features
  • Business Card Scanner
  • New Request Extensions for more flexbility
  • Individual Legal Forms
  • Profile Extensions for more Informations to store
  • User Dashboard Widget
Fixed Bugs
  • Documents were listed as empty Images in the Stream
  • 'Add Competitor' Overlay showed up at the wrong place
  • The 'Remember me'-Login Option didn't remember the user
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