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A powerful source for Innovation Intelligence

Ever wondered if it's possible to predict the future success of a startup? Or if there's a way to gain insight into company strategies without hiring expensive consulting agencies?

We found a way to answer these questions  in a satisfying way - We work together with QuantIP, a Munich-based company that specializes in patent data. Supported by algorithms, they can predict the success rate of patents.

A patent is not just the right you hold in hand to defend your inventions… It is an investment of the company made in the past in order to make revenue in the future. This makes Patent Data the best resource of innovation intelligence

Lucas von Reuss, CEO @QuantIP

It is important to put IP strategy at the beginning of the innovation process and not at the end. It certainly pays off in the long run

Harald Ostler, CEO @aumentoo

Analyzing patent data is an interesting way to learn more about a company's strategy and investments. This data is sourced worldwide. Datasets are available in a structured form, making it easy to compare German patents with Japanese ones. Patents are also an indicator of future products, anticipating technologies and designs that lead to new products and markets. In our blog post you will learn more about why patent data the best source of innovation intelligence is. 


What kind of Information does Patent Data provide?

Number of active / pending patents - Is the company currently focused on new technologies and inventions?

Fields where the company has patents (eg. Health Care,...) - In which business areas does the company invest?

Changes over time - Is there a change in corporate strategy that can be inferred from new patents?

Patent activities - Does the company still invest in research & development and new technologies?

Top Inventors of the company - Who are the real inventors of a company?

Competitor overview - How do competitors fare in comparison to your own company or to startups that are scouted?

Based on these and other data, QuantIP has developed an evaluation system for patents. Depending on the patent ratings and distribution, you can analyze how successful the technologies behind the patents are and will be. Thus, future success rates of the company can be predicted.

What Insights do you gain from Patent Data in aumentoo 

If a startup has reached a certain status in the scouting or innovation process, it makes sense to carry out further analyses. These analyses make it easier for you to evaluate the startups and make a better decision as to whether an investment or cooperation with them is worthwhile.

Review Portfolio and Deal Sourcing


Use patent data to review the startups in your portfolio. Get an overview of the current worldwide distribution of patents and the investments made. Relevant targets can be found quickly.
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In addition to general information on patents, in depth company reports can be requested in aumentoo. These are provided by QuantIP. They provide due diligence support for startups you plan to work with. Due diligence enables the identification of risks and weaknesses. By integrating the expertise of QuantIP in aumentoo you are no longer dependent on expensive consulting agencies and therefore you save time and money. The data for a meaningful analysis is provided within minutes and presented in a comparable and clear manner. Study competitors and their performance and compare it with your company or the startups you are scouting.
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By comparing patent data, you can track changes in corporate strategies and developments in relevant business areas. New trends can be identified at an early stage. You can monitor the performance and competitiveness of existing collaborations and see how the company has evolved over time.


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