Trend Scouting Made Easy 

powered by TrendOne & aumentoo

We are proud to announce that we are now partnering with the renowned TrendOne to make it even easier for you to discover the latest trends and innovations in your industry.  


For you this means that you will be able to: 

Connect trends and innovations systematically to outperform in future 

Recognize changes quickly and optimize your innovation activities 

Provide your stakeholders with ad hoc access to meaningful information 




What is the new feature about? 



Review Top Megatrends for a holistic orientation 

Megatrends picture structural and lasting changes in every area of today's life. 


Dive into Macrotrends for strategic work 

Macrotrends are manifestations of a megatrend describing certain aspects with different impacts.


Discover Microtrends for concrete inspirations

Microtrends are the first specific signs of developing trends - the latest disruptive innovations. 



Possible Use Cases

Blue bubble showing the title "Top Down Strategic Review and Analysis"


Do you have to provide your supervisor with regular updates on the market and developments? This is your chance to get things done fast and easy. Just pop into our Trend Monitor and get the latest news and trend developments. Or grant your supervisors access to the feature allowing them to access the information they need on their own. 
Blue bubble showing the title "Monitoring of Trend Developments"


Are you searching for an holistic overview about the trends landscape or are you interested in continuously developments in certain fields? We provide you the top trends and topics to focus on as well as their increase in popularity. Be aware of the developments and trends in the industries and fields of your interest as innovations and trends evolve quickly. This will allow you to adjust your strategy accordingly 
Blue bubble showing the title "Adhoc information"


Do you want to keep yourself informed about trend related news or companies? Have all the data you need at hand. These include the latest articles but also Startups and Technologies that fit your search requests. Get inspirations from the newest innovations and trend developments.

Do you want to see how the new trend reporting tool works and how you can discover the lastest trends and startups in aumentoo?