Corporate Functions

Within a company, a variety of tasks arise. Starting with purchasing, to production, to sales and the subsequent after-sales service, a company must be able to continuously monitor its processes. All of these processes describe corporate functions, that must be planned and structured by the management.

As part of the process described above, it is essential that the individual functions of the company are informed about the doings of the others. The entire process may stop if, for example, the manufacturing department consumes more parts than the purchasing department has calculated and bought before. The consequences here would be empty production costs, bottlenecks in sales and negative reputations that reach after-sales service.

To prevent this, it is obligatory to ensure a working internal networking system in order to identify and communicate such problems in advance.

Through spatial or hierarchical separation as well as information islands, this silo-thinking is found daily and almost everywhere in practice. In particular, large companies suffer from the isolation of individual business units and can hardly build up a physical bond with the employees there.

A general solution of this phenomenon can not formulated because of the plurality of different tasks. It can be at least reduced by increasing the communication, regular knowledge transfer or the creation of specifications and milestones.

How aumentoo Supports the Exchange Between the Corporate Functions

aumentoo integrates and involves every Corporate Function, promoting constant communication with each other.


Activity Stream

Schedule activities like meetings and notes directly in the profiles, assuring a constant information exchange between the departments staying in touch with the regarding startups. Everyone will know what's going on.

Task Management

Tasks can be assigned to colleagues and managed afterwards. Reminder and notifications make it easy to keep track of all the to-dos.
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Project Management

Teams can plan and execute projects together while implementing milestones. Notifications keep the participants up-dated during the process.
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Reports with relevant KPI are automatically generated on a regular basis. Thus, the performances of the individual corporate functions can be monitored and optimized.
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