Deal Flow Sourcing

Dealflow Sourcing consists of the two words “Dealflow” which can be seen as investment proposals and "Sourcing" the selection and acquisition of these. This term essentially deals with the possibility of obtaining investment opportunities and is aimed primarily at investors.

Especially young companies need financial support to establish themselves successfully in the market. They either receive it from companies that are interested in investing in their innovations and want to cooperate with the startups or by so-called venture capitalists.

The investors - who can also be companies - are constantly searching for startups, small companies and technologies worth investing in. The information whether the companies are currently planning a financial round can be obtained either from the internal M&A department, banks or consultancy agencies, the startups themselves or from the news they find on the internet.

The possible dealflow opportunities are then either pre-selected and valued as a service by an external partner/agency, and / or have to withstand the companiy's internal assessment, where they are valued according to many criteria (such as return on investment, risks, business model, etc.). Finally, the most attractive investment opportunities will be selected and bought or taken over.

That's how Dealflow Sourcing works with aumentoo

aumentoo offers a multiple source dealflow. Like that, you are not limited to one single startup source, but you are able to use the advantages of multiple methods.
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aumentoo integrates different databases, such as Crunchbase, which are specialized in sourcing company data. This makes it possible to import data quickly and easily and always have it at one's fingertips.
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Services from companies such as Ubermetrics or Innospot can also be integrated in aumentoo. The services provide detailed information about eligible startups to allow a more accurate evaluation.
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Inbound Startup / Innovation Generation

Get a steady stream of business plans, ideas, pitches, etc. by integrating external scouts, partners, and accelerators in aumentoo. Strict user rules will only give them access to areas that are relevant to them and hide sensitive data.
With the aumentoo Homepage PlugIn, startups can access your data pool directly via your homepage and can independently maintain their profiles and company key figures. This saves you valuable working time.