External Innovations

The need for external innovation has been rising in recent years. Due to the ever-increasing degree of specialization of companies and the resulting outsourcing activities, corporates are forced to acquire expertise in the areas they operate. The corporates' R&D departments are increasingly under pressure to present new and innovative business ideas and technologies at shorter intervals.

The fact that the corporate's own innovation department quickly reaches its limits with such an amount of required innovative strength seems obvious. Nevertheless, in order to demonstrate the necessary innovative strength and to remain competitive, more and more companies are putting the search for solutions and innovations into the hands of others.

We call external innovations all those that were not created and developed within the company itself, but were brought in from outside. These can be developed from other companies, such as agile startups, suppliers or competitors, but also from universities and other research institutions.

There are many ways to relate to external innovations.
On the one hand, you have to differentiate between companies that are exclusively interested in the innovation of a provider - usually these are young startups. Exclusive contracts are often signed that prohibit other companies from using the same innovations.
On the other hand, there are companies that not only use external innovations for internal purposes, but also want to sell them profitably, which in turn gives them a monetary incentive to acquire them.

A balance between these two possibilities are so-called accelerator and incubator programs, where startups apply at corporates and are supported in their growth. In return, the corporate receives startup shares and benefits from the generated know-how and from the subsequent increase in value of the individual startups.

That's How aumentoo Brings External Innovations Inside the Company

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External databases, such as Crunchbase, specialized in acquiring corporate data, can be integrated in aumentoo. This makes it fast and easy to find external innovations and import regarding data.
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News Services

Services deliver news and reflect current sentiments about businesses, innovations and entire industries. This allows discovering and exploiting trends at an early point in time.

Homepage PlugIn

The homepage plug-in allows startups to upload their onepager and company information directly via the homepage into the corporate's data pool and additionally maintain their profiles and company key figures independently. This saves the corporates valuable working time.
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Target Screening

Internal business needs regarding innovative technologies can be communicated. aumentoo, then, delivers appropriate solutions and project partners as well as the corresponding information.
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