Not Invented Here (NIH) - Syndrome

The "Not Invented Here" syndrome is an aversion, that is in fact, a negative attitude towards ideas and innovations that are brought forward by a company, a person or another department of the same company. Spoken from the beholder's argumentation point - because you did not come up with this idea yourself, it can not be good.

Particularly in this day and age, when companies need to market innovative products faster, the NIH-syndrome acts like a brake on innovation.

The main reasons for the rise of the Not-Invented-Here-Syndrome are ignorance, vanity and competitive behavior, which have their origin in persons or departments being unfamiliar with other ideas. Often, a company suffering from the NIH-syndrome does not choose economically and thus not only harms itself, it also dramatically slows down the innovation process.

However, one of the few advantages hereby is the claim of a company to create its own original products in order to avoid plagiarism.

aumentoos Prescription Against the NIH-Syndrome

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Cross-departmental teams can collaborate on projects and work together on tasks. Tasks can also be assigned to external consultants, agencies or to the startups itself to assure a better evaluation. Of course, they are denied access to confidential company data.
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Employees from other departments can be integrated in aumentoo and thus be part of the entire startup process. Feedback and information can be shared between departments and colleagues are involved.
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