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November 27, 2019
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March 2, 2020

aumentoo Next Generation


It is still January and not too late to wish you a Happy 2020!

Last year was a quite busy and exciting one - so this is the perfect opportunity to recap the past and to give you a clue about our future plans and features.

Growing Business Development Activities

We started to expand our sales and business development department, hired new talents and enlarged our office. We gained new customers and were able to attract reseller/partner that believe in our software and vision.

Furthermore, we became member of important digitalization associations, like Bitkom and PFI-D and managed to partner with known companies to make our aumentoo application even better.
Let’s discover more about these companies and the benefit for aumentoo Next Gen:


Crunchbase is a platform to find innovative companies and the people behind them. It is the leading place to get insights about startups, companies and competition data.

By integrating the Crunchbase database in aumentoo you are able to find the next unicorn faster and with less overhead. Simply search for your targeted startup and get the regarding information automatically within seconds - as easy as pie! This will save you a lot of your precious time, we guarantee it.


Ubermetrics is a leading provider of media intelligence, media monitoring and analytics tool for brands, companies and agencies.

By integrating the Ubermetrics media analysis reports we assure that you stay updated with news regarding your company, competitors and keywords that are relevant for you. Never lose track again of the stream of information! Instead stay updated with overviews that enrich your startup scouting process.

Launch of aumentoo V2

Finally, the most important - our aumentoo V2 Next Generation went successfully live at first customers with a lot of new features and a completely new user interface. This will lead you to a social media user experience, while working on your daily tasks, making work much more pleasant and easier.

Ask for a demo to take part in the aumentoo experience.

This Years Newbies

For 2020 we have prepared a lot of new hot stuff to further boost your user experience. Here is a taste of what we are currently setting up:

Business Card Scanner

Scan the business cards of your contacts with the mobile application on your iPhone and import his/hers company’s data in aumentoo.

Offline Availability

All the features in the mobile iOS app are now also available offline. You can now work on tasks while flying to interesting fairs all around the world, without needing wifi. All of your changes will be updated as soon as you are reconnected to the internet.

Chat Bot

Chat with aumentoo Bot and ask him about changes in your portfolio, new profiles and open tasks.

Individual User Analytical Widget

You will have a new widget on the dashboard. This widget is all about you! See what kind of user you are - are you more a Creator or an Analyst? Depending on your activities you can monitor your performances and become aumentoo’s next ambassador.
These are just a few to mention. We have a lot more ideas to make your user experience even more unique.

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