Your Critical Success Factors

and how aumentoo supports the achievement of your strategy

Type of Innovation

We see different levels of innovation and each level will either improve, transform or disrupt customer lives. From a company perspective each comes with a different level of risk and fear of change that need to be addressed and managed properly.

Deal Flow Sourcing

There are different deal flow sources that help corporates finding their next innovation. Typical sources can be Partnerships like accelerators, strategic partners, universities or VC funds, Internal Activities like hackthons, intrapreneurship programs, incubators or corporate venture capital programs and External Activities like scouts, databases, consultancies, networks.
We group the mix of deal flow sources and the workload involved into three categories:
For all the categories aumentoo supports these returning tasks:
Communicate with the different sources, feedback consolidation, prepare longlist, arrange internal pitches and summaries, promote startups.

Engagement with Business

The aim of the startup process is to land in the business and contribute to success. Therefore an appropriate understanding of the business needs and the right level of interaction and commitment between the departments is one of the key success factors. We figured out three different categories of engagement:
With aumentoo you can connect all the groups and participants in the startup process, support administrative work, introduce new opportunities, get and consolidated feedback and understand the needs of the business.

Corporate Functions Engagement

Corporate Functions have various information requirements, habits and roles in the startup process. We grouped the collaboration between startup process and corporate functions around the following three concepts, which can be supported by aumentoo:

Startup Relations

This critical issue deals with the desired relationship and outcome between corporates and startups. As too often corporates destroy the value of a startup causing costs and damaging their reputation in the well connected startup scene. Depending on your startup goals aumentoo can support these relationship types:
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