Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance describes rules and guidelines developed by the board for the company. These rules not only include the imposition of corporate standards but also control approaches to avoid mismanagements.
The aim of corporate governance is to pursue the interests of all parties involved in a company and to support them through transparent actions, without any lost in value increase.

In order to achieve these goals, a distinction between two corporate governance approaches is made.
One approach relates to the shareholders, who benefit directly from the company's success.
The stakeholder approach, on the other hand, addresses the relationship between the company and its environment, that are all parties who are in contact with the company like employees, investors, suppliers, etc.

In recent years, corporate governance has become increasingly important. On the one hand, because of the increasing complexity within the company, and on the other hand because of the growing involvement of employees in the management process due to flatter hierarchy levels.

Which areas are ultimately covered by corporate governance depends entirely on the individual design of the company. Factors included in such a policy are, for example, the percentage of women in leadership positions, the scope of action of authorized signatories or general data protection rules.

Essentially, the main difference between corporate governance and corporate compliance is that corporate governance is more focused on regulating the company and its employees, while corporate compliance is more a measure designed to protect the corporate functions and the workforce.

Corporate Governance and aumentoo

The entire data pool used for corporate development in aumentoo is subject to the respective corporate governance of the company. This means that already established company-wide workflows of the startup / corporate development process are adopted in the application, such as the search for and monitoring of cooperation opportunities through different databases.

Particular attention is paid to the following areas:
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The business and financial reporting is carried out in aumentoo. Weekly reports including pre-defined KPIs can be automatically generated in the application and forwarded to the management.

Detailed User Rights

Detailed user rights are important to protect sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access. aumentoo's secure user management ensures the allocation of different user rights, such as reading and writing rights.

Audit Trail

For quality assurance and auditability purposes of processes, results and activities, the aforementioned can be easily monitored, reset or restored to a past state. Actions are documented, recorded and can be recreated if needed. This ensures that important data is not deleted or lost after an employee leave.
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