Corporate Startup Engagement (CSE)

Only about every 10th innovation introduced in the economy today survives the first three years after the market entry. The other nine fail because of hurdles such as missing funding, the wrong time of implementation, or simply the lack of customers' demand. These barriers that prevent startups to succeed in the market cause, on the other hand, headaches to corporate development departments. The own internal innovation power is no longer sufficient to predict and co-determine the complex processes that prevail in the market.

That's why more and more companies are rethinking the corporate startup engagement (CSE) approach. CSE deals with the improvement of one's own internal capacity to innovate through the procurement and implementation of external know-how. The inclusion of third-party knowledge, such as cooperating with innovative startups or the financial support of inventors, represents a win-win situation for both parties. The corporate benefits from the ingenuity of startups, whereas the latter, gains a foothold in the market thanks to the market power of their cooperation partners.

The integration of external know-how also seems to be urgently needed. According to a study by Geza Brugger and Berthold Baurek-Karlic (Corporate Start-up Commitment (CSE): Tangible Returns on Investment for the SME) the average life expectancy of companies decreased in the last sixty years. In addition, there is often a lack of willingness to initiate changes in companies, which prevents the development of the business from being />

To prevent this, more companies are engaging in corporate startup engagement. The following approaches have been established in practice:
Acquisition of other companies (M&A activities)
Implementation of intrapreneurship programs
Employment of scouts for the startup search
Development of partnerships with startups
Setup incubator or accelerator programs
Integration of corporate venture capital units (CVC units)
Please find more information regarding this topic in our blog post Corporate Startup Engagement - A Summary of Current Publications.

That's how aumentoo supports your CSE



All the information and data are always available and can be reproduced or restored, through the application.


aumentoo reduces the workload caused by unproductive overhead and data management. As a result, products / services can be developed and brought to market faster.


In aumentoo, projects and cooperations can easily be scaled many times by integrating processes into the different business functions.
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aumentoo promotes better collaboration between the departments but also between the company itself and the startups by involving the employees and motivating them to participate in the process.
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Project participants can be integrated in the application so that data from different information sources is bundled in one place and is available only for the relevant groups of people.


All workflows that are performed in aumentoo are subject to the respective Corporate Governance guidelines. Thus, the reputation of the company can be maintained.
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