Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

M&A consists of the two words mergers and acquisitions and describes all activities around the takeovers, mergers, cooperations, etc. of a company.


In the case of a merger, two companies merge completely, so that in the end only one - possibly completely new - company remains. Reasons for such mergers include not only increasing the market share, but also reducing risks, buying up competitors or cutting costs per piece by increasing sales.
A famous example of such a corporate merger in Germany is the one between the long-distance bus providers "MeinFernbus" and "Flixbus", which henceforth operate under the name "Flixbus GmbH".


Unlike a corporate merger that runs on a voluntary basis, corporate acquisitions can often be hostile takeovers. This usually happens when one company is significantly larger than the acquired one. Often the companies do not merge with each other, but remain - at least by name - independent. Again, the goal is to strengthen your own market position by buying the competitor. A suitable recent past example would be the acquisition of the seed manufacturer Monsanto by Bayer AG.

A special form of company takeover can be found at listed companies. In this case, the company that wants to buy the other one must buy their shares. However, in order to make a company unable to take action in a hostile takeover, it is in some cases sufficient to own over 25% of the company's shares.

That's How aumentoo Supports Your M&A Process

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Deal Flow Management

The implementation of a meaningful deal flow process makes it possible to find new and up-to-date investment opportunities on an ongoing basis. Manage all information at your fingertips even on business journeys and implement feedback loops that lead to a successful buy-in.
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Gain insights on financial data, budgets and forecasts of cooperation partners and companies on a regular basis. Get valuable summaries of shareholders, competitors, markets, and other key decision-influencing factors.
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Portfolio Analysis

Individual assessment criteria and evaluation options provide a clear overview of the companies in your own portfolio. In seconds, the best performing companies can be discovered and screened.
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Longtail Management

Cooperations, mergers and investments can be sustainably managed and integrated into your company processes. The digitization and automation of workflows accelerate processes and successfully open up new markets and customer groups.

Corporate Governance

The application can be configured in such a way that all processes and workflows are subject to the respective corporate governance, so that the individual regulations of the company can be met at all times.
The startups' onepagers and presentations generated in aumentoo receive a company-specific branding.
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