Portfolio Analysis

The portfolio analysis is an instrument for analysing companies and deals by positioning products, business models or innovations in the competitive environment.

A classic presentation of the portfolio analysis is limited to the dimensions market attractiveness and market share. The internal and external evaluations of the examined product are presented afterwards in a simple matrix.
Depending on the state the products / innovations are positioned, corporate strategies can be derived. It is, for example, advantageous to invest in products or innovations that are rated with a high market attractiveness and a high competitive advantage.

Besides the basic dimensions mentioned above, the portfolio analysis can also be applied in many other types and forms. Especially, when assessing start-ups this evaluation approach is often used. Possible dimensions here would be the growth potential as well as the expected return.

That's How aumentoo Supports Your Portfolio Analysis


KPI Monitoring

Keep track of the development of key metrics of companies in your portfolio, through automated reports and up-dated data.

Expert Know-How

Have interesting innovations and startups evaluated by experts and use their know-how for optimal investment proposals.
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Multidimensional Evaluations

Allow various evaluation methods of each startup in your portfolio. Configure the evaluation dimensions according to your company's standards.

Internal Performance Measurements

Track the performance of individual departments and their interactions with the startups. Derive valuable measures or suggestions for improvements and reward the best performances.
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