Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up

Top-down and bottom-up are two different approaches of solving problems. They are used in many economic areas.



In a top-down approach, the principle of deduction is used, which means that the management derives many sub-goals from a higher-level goal and thus the implementation proceeds from top to bottom.


A bottom-up approach follows the exactly opposite strategy - the principle of induction. By solving many sub-goals, it is possible to working towards a higher-level goal.

Top-Down Approach

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, at the top-down, the creation and control of the individual working tasks is done by the project manager and not by his employees. The clear hierarchies and the authoritarian leadership style also prescribe clear targets. The employees' motivation suffers noticeably from the lack of opportunities to contribute, which is ultimately reflected in the results of the projects.

Bottom-Up Approach

Another approach is the bottom-up approach. Through the joint creation of work packages, the employees are involved in the project right from the beginning and can therefore contribute to the project planning. Many studies published show that the employees' motivation is significantly increased by a bottom-up strategy and that productivity in these companies rises noticeably.
Disadvantages of the bottom-up approach are the time required for the coordination of the workforce. Furthermore, due to inaccurate targets and laissez-fair management style, the target level might often not be fully met.
Experts agree that bottom-up approaches will become more and more important as they promise success and encourage employee involvement and motivation.
By involving employees, the entire project benefits from their expertise and in turn gives them the feeling that they are part of the big picture.

That's How aumentoo Supports These Approaches


Strategy and Process Implementation

Corporate processes, strategies and workflows can be implemented and optimized in aumentoo. Management requirements and company policies such as Corporate Governance are taken into account and communicated to the employees.

Request Management

Employees can specify their needs and thus search for suitable project partners and solutions. As a result, the management learns which technologies and innovations are currently needed the most in the company and the employees are actively involved in the corporate development process.