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June 29, 2021

aumentoo’ s End-of-Year Review and Prospects for 2022

The new year has just begun - and we look back on a busy and eventful year 2021!
Many challenges have been mastered by our team and new chances and development opportunities have emerged. Now, we would like to give you a short recap of the past year and at the same time present insights for this new year.

Achieved Milestones 2021

New Cooperation Partners

Last year we were able to win some new cooperation partners who perfectly match aumentoo’s scope with their valuable expertise:


The Munich-based company analyzes and evaluates patents, among other things. Thus, QuantIP facilitates the technological due diligence of companies for investors. Soon, these evaluations and information can be requested and viewed directly in aumentoo. This ensures an easier and faster decision-making in favor of or against a company.


As a strategic innovation consultant, Trendone delivers the top future topics that you have to keep an eye on. By integrating the trend radar in aumentoo, our customers are always only a mouse click away from the latest technology trends and innovations.

OMIND Consulting

Omind supports companies in implementing open innovation through a special HRM strategy and mindset coaching. In connection with aumentoo, the Omind integration offers the opportunity to analyze and evaluate teams and their mindset. is the intelligent search engine for data-driven company management. By integrating, we can provide our customers with even more accurate data.

Allgäu Digital

Allgäu Digital is the digital start-up center in Kempten and supports the regional startups in all matters. For example, they provide networking opportunities or enable startups to access a coaching program across Bavaria and the regional pool of experts. aumentoo will support Allgäu Digital and its network as a partner.


Kick-Off for the aumentoo UI / UX Redesign

In order to enable an extraordinary user experience, we started to beautify aumentoos' “looks” together with a project team from Furtwangen University. In this context, the students from different courses analyzed the application, conducted user interviews, compared different designs and started developing the first prototypes of the platform so that aumentoo can shine in a new and even more intuitive design in 2022 - be curious!


New Features 2021

Like the past years, we have been hard working and have developed many new features and have improved existing functions. Here is just a rough overview of the most important features that we have integrated this year:


Extensions to the Request Management

Small excursion in between - Startups, investors, technologies and concepts are created as profiles in aumentoo. All profiles are designed in such a way that all data relevant to the respective group can be added there. Additionally, users are able to search for and find the perfect project partner using the Request Management feature. The partner search is initiated by submitting a request form.

Additional fields and properties were added to the form in order to specify the requests even more precisely.
With the “Quick Assessments” feature it is possible to evaluate the proposed startups / cooperation partners directly in the request. Now, experts or colleagues can evaluate the suggestions and the administrators can see at a glance which cooperation partners best match the requests of the team.


Better Insights & Analytics

A lot of different information and data sources flow together in aumentoo. In order to maintain an overview of the startup preferences of your own team, we have expanded the profiles and the KPI monitor to include new analytics options.

A newby is the internal analysis of the profile itself. The users’ visits and impressions are measured so that, above all, the responsible can see how well the profile is performing. Maybe this is an insider tip?

Tracking the number of visitors and interactions within the profiles also makes it possible to map the net range of all profiles, requirements and projects in the KPI monitor. At an early stage, the most popular profiles and new trends can be discovered.


More Personalization Options

aumentoo is a user-centric application. Therefore, it was also very important for us to align the platform as best as possible to the needs of the individual users. For this purpose, we have created additional user roles that can be configured even more precisely.

In addition, the own user profile has been expanded to include additional areas, now event suggestions tailored to the user are shown here.

The dashboard can now be configured in such a way that only the information that is relevant for the user is displayed. If someone likes it clean and tidy, then all widgets can be hidden.


aumentoo Marketplace

Probably the biggest and coolest feature of 2021 is the aumentoo Marketplace. This is a place where you can download apps that you would like to link to aumentoo. Here, you will not only find external apps, but also applications developed by us that complement aumentoo perfectly.
The latter includes, for example, the app that we are developing together with our partner Trendone. Here, users get an overview of current trend topics and can discover suitable developments and articles.

Prospects for the New Year - Spoiler Alert!

We have more exciting projects planned for the new year. In addition to the extention of our marketplace, we already have some new app ideas in the pipeline as well as exciting cooperation opportunities. Even more actions and integrations will then be possible in aumentoo.

The new aumentoo design will be revealed for our users. Starting from 2022, we are also planning events for our customers and for all innovation leaders.

We’re looking forward to it!

Our Team is looking forward to your request

Do you have a use case that you can cover with aumentoo, or do you think that aumentoo can support your working area?

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